Uninterruptible Power Design

Santa Fe Power Solutions offers uninterruptible power supply systems, including both single-phase and three-phase uninterruptible power supplies from the top brands. We provide full system design, maintenance, and installation of UPS backup systems to ensure reliable performance in the instance of a power outage.

What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Uninterruptible power supplies, also called UPS systems, UPS backup systems, or UPS battery backup, are some of the most vital components in any critical power system. An uninterruptible power supply is designed to provide backup power when you need it the most, taking over when the main power source fails or in situations of a voltage drop. Electrical failures due to inclement weather or rolling blackouts may cause your facility to experience interrupted or lost power. This can cause damage to equipment, especially during a power surge, and may also cause all data that is not backed up to be permanently lost.

An uninterruptible power supply provides a reliable source of backup power for mission-critical equipment. A reliable UPS backup system allows ample time to safely shut down equipment or transition to power provided by a backup generator. Uninterruptible power supplies prevent equipment damage and lost data from power surges and outages.

Types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Orion Power MSR UPS

Santa Fe Power Solutions installs and maintains uninterrupted power supply systems depending on factors such as your power requirement needs and the size of your facility. We help our customers to ensure that the right type of UPS battery backup system is in use to provide ample protection against power interruptions based on the equipment and load. There are three main types of uninterruptible power supply systems:

Whether you need backup power solutions with single-phase UPS units for requirements in the range of 1 kVA to 22 kVA or three-phase UPS systems for large industrial plants or data centers that require 10 kVA to 1500 kVA, Santa Fe Power Solutions has you covered.

Standby or Off-line UPS Systems

Standby UPS systems offer the most basic features and are typically used in less critical applications. A standby uninterruptible power supply provides battery backup to connected equipment along with surge protection and additional transition time. In the instance of a power outage, the standby UPS protects against power spikes and prevents anomalies and resulting damage to equipment.

Line Interactive UPS Systems

A line interactive UPS system, also called a buck and boost system, provides excellent power protection, especially in applications where the power can fluctuate, as it includes a built-in transformer to give the voltage a boost if it is lagging. This provides conditioned power and eliminates voltage fluctuations, boosting voltage without running the battery, which preserves battery life. 

Line interactive uninterruptible power supplies are common in computer applications, although not ideal for applications that are power quality sensitive, like lab equipment. Line interactive UPS systems provide power conditioning and are compatible with a range of input voltage functions to support various input voltage fluctuations.

Online Double Conversion UPS Systems

When the power must be precise for mission-critical power applications, an online double conversion UPS system is the industry standard. Online double-conversion uninterruptable power supply systems are designed to convert incoming power to direct current (DC) and then convert back to alternating current (AC) power, free from voltage fluctuations and distortions. Online double conversion UPS systems protect critical load equipment against power disturbances, typically output a true sine wave, and regulate voltage  +/- 3% or better. Online double-conversion UPS systems are required in all three-phase applications and some single phase. 

Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions

Santa Fe Power Solutions is a critical power solutions provider offering uninterruptible power supplies and generator solutions to protect your facility and equipment against power outages and surges. We offer comprehensive services related to UPS system installation, design, testing, maintenance, recycling, removal, and replacement. 

We can tell you if your UPS system is worth repairing or if it should be replaced. Typically, battery backups that are more than 15 years old should be replaced instead of repaired as components change over time. More recent models include ports for USB or Ethernet, for example, to better support newer technology. Other considerations that Santa Fe Power can help you with are to determine if your current uninterruptible power supply system will support your load level and to examine the efficiency ratings. 

Santa Fe Power Solutions is a nationwide critical power solutions provider offering quality equipment and comprehensive services to protect critical power applications. We provide full system design, installation, and maintenance, as well as emergency services. Contact us with any questions and to make sure that your facility and equipment are protected with reliable and high-quality uninterruptible power supply solutions.

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