Industries Served

Santa Fe Power Solutions specializes in providing products and technical and professional solutions serving the Critical Power, Healthcare, Laboratory, and Security Technology sectors. Hospitals, laboratories, security technology, data centers, and all critical power applications, including industrial, commercial, and retail facilities, are susceptible to power disturbances and outages that could have disastrous consequences.  We specialize in ensuring that your facility avoids any power downtime while protecting your equipment and data. 

Healthcare Facilities

Uninterrupted power is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of patients in hospitals. We provide critical power solutions designed specifically for healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. Our UPS systems and generators provide backup power to critical medical equipment, ensuring uninterrupted patient care during power outages, whether due to mains failure or inclement weather.

Data Centers

Data centers play a pivotal role in storing and processing vast amounts of information. To ensure data integrity and availability, Santa Fe Power Solutions provides reliable and scalable power solutions for data centers of all sizes. Our UPS systems deliver clean and continuous power to critical equipment, protecting against power disruptions and data loss. We also offer energy-efficient solutions to reduce power consumption and lower operating costs for data center operators.

Security Technology

Maintaining security is critical in many government, industrial, and commercial facilities. We help companies to avoid business interruptions that could pose a risk to themselves or others if performing community services such as fire, police, and emergency personnel. Making sure first responders can perform when needed is critical, and maintaining power for fire, life, and safety systems is a must. Let Santa Fe Power Solutions give you peace of mind with emergency and standby critical power solutions.


Maintaining refrigeration is critical in many laboratory applications such as for research, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. We make sure your power stays on during an outage to protect valuable products such as vaccines, medicines, or other research that requires uninterrupted power.

Other Markets

Santa Fe Power Solutions caters to a wide range of other vertical markets, including telecommunications, financial institutions, transportation, and more. We understand the unique power requirements of each industry and offer tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Our entire team is dedicated to delivering dependable and efficient power solutions to commercial, industrial, and government facilities.

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides critical power solutions to preserve power when you needed the most. Our comprehensive, turnkey power solutions prevent business interruptions and potential safety risks due to power outages. Contact us with any questions and learn how our quality equipment and critical power services can help to protect your facility. 

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