Turnkey Solutions

At Santa Fe Power Solutions, we understand the critical importance of reliable power backup systems for your business. That’s why we offer Turnkey Critical Power Solutions, providing comprehensive services to design, implement, maintain, repair or replace your power backup system from start to finish. With our expertise and dedication, we aim to reduce electrical risks and optimize efficiencies, ensuring a safer, more reliable, and cost-efficient power system for your organization.

Eliminating Hassles and Minimizing Risk

By partnering with Santa Fe Power Solutions for your turnkey electrical project, you can eliminate the hassles of managing multiple suppliers and coordinating various aspects of the project. With one point of contact, we handle all equipment sales, installation, startup, and ongoing services for all your critical backup power needs. Our skilled team coordinates the entire process, significantly reducing the risk of project delays or breakdowns and ensuring that your power system operates smoothly.

Expertise in Upgrading and Designing Complex Electrical Projects

Our experienced engineers are specialists in designing and upgrading complex electrical power projects. We have the knowledge and skills to oversee the procurement and installation of new, highly efficient UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems that not only reduce power consumption but also enhance the overall reliability of your power infrastructure.

We specialize in facilitating industrial generator solutions with quality equipment and comprehensive generator services. Regardless of the scale or complexity of your project, Santa Fe Power Solutions is uniquely qualified to be your single-source service provider helping commercial, industrial, and critical power facilities nationwide.

Staying Within Budget and Meeting Goals

Santa Fe Power Solutions understands the importance of adhering to project budgets and meeting performance goals. Our turnkey approach ensures that the technical aspects of your critical power project are integrated seamlessly while meeting your performance and cost objectives. With our extensive experience and expertise, we strive to create cost efficiencies while maintaining optimal reliability and functionality with every aspect of your critical power system.

Advantages of Santa Fe Power Turnkey Solutions

Choosing Santa Fe Power Solutions for your critical power project offers numerous advantages as we partner with you to provide maximum value to all customers. Some of the most recognized advantages of partnering with Santa Fe Power include:

Santa Fe Power Solutions is an industry-leading critical power service and solutions provider, protecting the most mission-critical applications and facilities across the country. You can have confidence in our prompt and professional support from experienced and thoroughly trained technicians. From design and installation to preventive maintenance and emergency services, we are your one-stop for turnkey critical power solutions.