DC Plant and Inverter Maintenance

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides inverter battery maintenance, services, and support for DC power plants nationwide. Most of the power transmission and infrastructure in the U.S. and around the world is run on alternating current (AC) power. Certain applications, however, utilize direct current (DC) power as the most efficient and reliable power source. In applications that utilize DC power, inverter maintenance is critical.

Inverter Battery Maintenance for DC Power Plants

Applications that utilize DC power and require inverter battery maintenance include: 

Inverters are critical for solar integration, performing several functions in addition to converting incoming solar DC power to AC power. They also provide monitoring and communication with computer networks. These are some of the most common applications that utilize DC power systems and inverters. In DC power plants, an inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment, converting DC power to AC power which the majority of the electrical grid uses.

DC Power Plants: Inverters and Rectifiers

DC power plants, also called DC rectifier plants, utilize many rectifiers that convert AC power to DC power, providing charge to batteries, and then supply DC power, typically either in 24 V or 48 V, to power critical load equipment. DC power is often chosen for the telecom industry and applications that require low amperage output or a long-duration discharge over extended periods of time. Equipment used in the telecom industry, such as network access points, data center equipment, and wireless connections, require efficient, consistent power for the longest duration possible.

Some DC high-voltage transmissions can operate more efficiently than AC transmissions. With DC power, the current polarity never changes, unlike AC power. DC power provides many advantages to the telecom industry and other applications, although proper maintenance is vital. Inverter batteries and rectifiers are the two most critical components of a DC power plant and require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimal, uninterrupted performance.

Many telecom applications utilize remote sites that are not supported by emergency backup generators and utilize front-access batteries mounted in easy-access racks or cabinets designed for small, modular spaces.

Santa Fe Power Solutions offers a highly-skilled, field-trained, and certified staff equipped to provide inverter battery maintenance for all major brands of inverters and rectifiers used in DC power systems.

Inverter Battery Maintenance Issues

All DC rectifier plants and users of inverter systems require routine maintenance and inspections at regular intervals to ensure the system is operating at full capacity. Santa Fe Power Solutions offers ongoing preventive maintenance programs for DC power plants and inverter batteries. Batteries can degrade over time and must be inspected, tested, and replaced when appropriate.

Many circumstances lead to inverter battery degradation and can jeopardize battery integrity and performance, including:

The main causes of inverter battery and rectifier failure include:

Inverter Battery Maintenance Services

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides services and support to DC rectifier plants, including preventive inverter maintenance programs, repairs, and equipment replacement. Our DC plant maintenance inspection process includes:

To protect your inverter battery and maintain optimal life performance, we recommend keeping inverter batteries in a safe place away from flammable and volatile objects. It is also important to store inverter batteries in an open area with plenty of airflow to prevent an overheating issue. Never store inverter batteries in a hot area, in direct sunlight, or next to a heat source. Keep your battery terminals and surface area clean, and check the distilled water level on inverter batteries.

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides critical power services and support to DC power plants nationwide. We offer maintenance, preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacement of inverter batteries and DC rectifier systems. Contact us to speak with an experienced power technician for solutions to your DC power system, including inverter battery maintenance.

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