Uninterruptible Power Supplies

A power distribution unit, PDU, is a critical piece of equipment designed with multiple outputs that distribute electrical power and is typically used in data centers. They are designed to control power requirements that are much larger than home or office power strips and surge protectors. The power requirement in data centers can be as large as 22 kVA or more.

Data centers rely on power distribution units to improve uptime and efficiency and support growth. Most large data centers require PDUs with single-phase power output and three-phase power input.

Types of Power Distribution Units

There are basically two main types of PDUs, basic and monitored, or intelligent PDUs.

  • Basic PDU – a basic PDU is simply designed to distribute power from the input and provide standard electrical outlets to data center equipment. They are normally installed directly on a rack, and basic rack power distribution units may resemble a large power strip without surge protection. They do not provide advanced features.
  • Monitored PDUs – monitored PDUs are intelligent with capabilities such as real-time monitoring and remote access management. They are networked and normally contain an intelligence module that allows for remote metering of power information as well as on-off control and alarms. Some advanced power distribution units allow users to manage external features such as airflow, temperature, and humidity.


PDUs are typically installed directly on a rack, and rack power distribution units can utilize a power source coming from either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) power. The power can originate from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a generator, a utility power supplier, or a secondary power source.

Types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Orion Power MSR UPS

PowerLOK offers the next generation of rack PDUs with features not available on other rack PDUs, providing greater reliability. PowerLOK rack distribution units are manufactured in the United States with strict quality control measures to deliver the greatest value to customers with more features than other legacy brands. PowerLOK PDUs feature automation with robotic soldering that provides three times the reliability over PDUs engineered with mechanical terminations.

PowerLOK rack PDUs prioritize safety and reliability, with all products subjected to rigorous life testing, such as exposure to high and low temperatures, resistance to vibration, and voltage cycling. PowerLOK power distribution units meet quality assurance standards, including ISO9001 and AS9100, to meet the demands of critical industry requirements such as defense, aerospace, and aviation.

All PowerLOK PDUs are backed by a three-year warranty with advantages not found on other power distribution units, such as:

Whether you need backup power solutions with single-phase UPS units for requirements in the range of 1 kVA to 22 kVA or three-phase UPS systems for large industrial plants or data centers that require 10 kVA to 1500 kVA, Santa Fe Power Solutions has you covered.

PowerLOK Basic and Monitored PDUs

PowerLOK Basic PDUs are built and engineered with a modular design that allows for customization and quick delivery. Factory automated assembly and robotically soldered connections provide greater reliability and advancements not available on other basic PDUs.

Monitored PDUs by PowerLOK provide .5% monitoring accuracy with the reliability of a buttonless touchscreen. Stay informed by always knowing the internal temperature of high-heat rack PDUs.

The following power distribution units are available in both basic and monitored models:

  • 8200-8300 Series – Single phase 208/240V and Three phase 120/208V
  • 8400-8600 Series – Three phase 208/240V
  • 8700-8800 Series – Three phase 240/415 V


EL2000-3000 Series ENVIROLOK – The EnviroLok rack power distribution unit with environmental sensors connects to the ethernet port on monitored power distribution units with remote access and programmable alarm points. Get a complete view of your rack environment with EnviroLok sensors.

PowerLOK Switched & Outlet PDUs

Many data centers enjoy the space-saving profile of PowerLOK’s switched & outlet PDUs with a slim profile. 

SL1300/1900 Series SwitchLok – The integrated SwitchLok in a 5 ft. cord adds to your Switched Ready PDU when needed with a scalable and reliable solution for switched PDU requirements. Enjoy a simplified, user-friendly control with reliability for critical power applications.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions

Santa Fe Power Solutions is a nationwide leading provider of critical power services and equipment, offering turnkey critical power solutions and emergency services. We offer high-quality critical power equipment and comprehensive services from a highly trained and experienced staff. Contact us to learn more about protecting your data center with high-quality, reliable power distribution units.
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