Power Generator Maintenance

Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. provides power generator maintenance and services to critical power applications across the country. We offer generator maintenance plans, including preventive maintenance, load bank testing, and predictive maintenance power generation monitoring. Our technicians provide the expertise to maintain your critical power standby systems and service all types and brands of generators, automatic transfer switches, and generator components.

Power Generator Maintenance Services

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides power generator maintenance services to existing or newly installed industrial generators. Our highly trained technicians follow a meticulous checklist to maintain your generator and standby power equipment. Visual inspections can identify problems such as low oil levels or fluid leaks as well as problems with hoses, belts, and radiator caps which can leave generator systems vulnerable to performance issues.

Some of the most common generator maintenance services include:

Changing the fluid and filter is important for all types of machinery but is critical for power generator maintenance. Oil provides necessary lubrication for the movement of critical components of a generator’s engine. If an oil filter becomes old and worn, it may cause low oil pressure, which leads to performance issues and increased wear on the engine.

Diesel fuel can accumulate moisture if it sits in a fuel tank for too long and should be inspected and tested to ensure it is quality fuel that will work as expected when needed. Large facilities may require tanks holding tens of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel, which makes it important to maintain and preserve this valuable asset.

Benefits of Preventive Power Generator Maintenance

Preventive power generator maintenance is a planned event that should be performed at least annually by an experienced critical power company. Preventive maintenance (PM) for standby generators is required in many applications, such as hospitals or data centers. Preventive generator maintenance provides many benefits, which include:

Predictive Maintenance Power Generation Monitoring

Santa Fe Power offers predictive maintenance for power generators, with monitoring available on all generator types to provide real-time data and quick notification of potential problems. Santa Fe Power offers predictive monitoring services that can be performed either internally or externally with the customer in full control of equipment to be monitored to meet their own cybersecurity protocols.

Predictive generator monitoring can alert personnel of potential maintenance or repair issues, such as excessive heat, which could be caused by a problem with the cooling system, the radiator, or fan failure. Monitoring of oil levels helps maintain generator lifespan, and checking the battery power protects against one of the most common generator maintenance and repair issues.

Predictive monitoring quickly alerts personnel of a potential problem which can prevent costly repairs and equipment replacement and extends the lifespan of your generator.

Industrial Generator

Power Generator Maintenance Load Bank Testing

The only way to truly test industrial generator performance is to simulate an outage. This is not ideal in many applications that require continual power. Generator load bank testing allows for deep generator PM without cutting power to the facility. Not every facility requires load bank testing, as some standby power systems can be tested after hours or on weekends. Santa Fe Power provides load bank testing as part of our generator maintenance services, whether you have your own load banks as part of your standby power system design or we can bring in load banks and perform the necessary connections for proper testing.

Our skilled power technicians perform necessary load bank testing on standby power supply systems of all sizes and where extended cable runs and complex connections are required. We perform the proper sequencing to disconnect a customer’s utility load from the generator, connect to the load bank and simulate an outage in controlled steps to make sure the generator and all components are operating properly.

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides preventive power generator maintenance and predictive monitoring of standby generators and components. We offer only quality equipment and comprehensive services from experienced, trained, and certified technicians. Contact us to learn more about protecting your facility with standby power and preserving critical power equipment with power generator maintenance.

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