Automatic Transfer Switch Installation

Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. provides generator automatic transfer switch installation, which is required by the National Electric Code wherever permanent generators are used. Smaller, portable generators for some residential use may use a manual transfer switch, although manual transfer switches are not the best option for permanent generators. Automatic transfer switch installation should always be performed by a licensed electrician.

Automatic Transfer Switch Installation

Installing an automatic transfer switch (ATS) is required with the use of permanent standby generators. An ATS is a device that allows for the safe transfer of power from the electrical grid to a generator in the event of a power loss due to downed power lines, a lightning strike, or other utility failures. An ATS provides more than just convenience, it is an essential safety device.

An automatic transfer switch installation prevents a condition called back-feed, an instance where voltage can travel from the generator back to the grid and the grid back to the generator. This back-feed is a dangerous situation that can cause electrocution to utility workers when working on power lines and may also cause electrical fires or damage to the generator.

How Automatic Transfer Switches (ATSs) Work

After a generator automatic transfer switch installation, the ATS is a device that is always metering in standby mode to see if power from the utility company is present and adequate, while also remaining connected to the generator at all times. The ATS is waiting for a moment for the utility power fails for whatever reason.

When this happens, the ATS will recognize the power is no longer present and will automatically send a signal to the generator that it is time to come online. Once the ATS detects a loss of voltage from the utilities, it will immediately shift the load to the emergency power generator when the voltage is stable and within the frequency and voltage tolerances.

Once the facility is operating on generator power, it will then remain in standby mode, monitoring for the return of utility power. When utility power is restored, the ATS will verify that the utility power is stable, then transfer the load from the generator back to the main power source and signal to the generator that it can shut down. The ATS will then wait in standby mode again.

Types of Automatic Transfer Switches

The type of generator automatic transfer switch installation you require depends on various factors. An ATS may be small to work with a residential generator, or it can be large to work with large generators required in commercial buildings such as malls, hospitals, and nursing homes. Larger ATSs have more features, such as better monitoring to also monitor the power quality and some may have a bypass switch transfer power manually in case the transfer switch has a problem.

Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides automatic transfer switch maintenance as part of our overall generator maintenance services. ATS maintenance should be performed at least once per year, coordinated with the customer for the best time to test the functionality. The ATS must be disabled, cleaned, and lubricated to make sure everything moves correctly. Maintenance on automatic transfer switches may include simulating an outage, although some maintenance can be performed without causing an outage.

Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. provides turnkey standby power solutions, including the installation and maintenance of generators and automatic transfer switches. Our team of highly trained technicians provides comprehensive power supply solutions, including quality equipment, system design, installation, maintenance, testing, and repairs. Contact us to ensure that your critical power needs are met and with any questions on generator automatic transfer switch installation.

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