Industrial Backup Generator

Santa Fe Power Solutions offers industrial backup generators from the most respected names in the industry to power the most critical power applications. We provide backup industrial generators to power new or existing facilities that must rely on uninterrupted power during any utility outage or voltage fluctuation. When automated, backup industrial power is critical, you can rely on Santa Fe to provide the most critical power solutions. 

Industrial Backup Generator Solutions

An Industrial generator provides the strength to power large-scale operations such as hospitals, senior care facilities, manufacturing facilities, data centers, laboratories, heating or refrigeration needs, security technology, and many other critical applications. Every business has unique power needs; even facilities operating in the same industry will have different sizes of facilities, amount of equipment and employees, and operating hours that all affect the amount of power consumed. It is important to speak with a critical power service provider to ensure that you get the right size of industrial generator and backup power equipment to protect your business.

Our skilled team of power specialists helps you determine the best type of generator for your application, whether you need clean natural gas, hybrid, or robust diesel generators to power large industrial and commercial processes. All new industrial generators come with a manufacturer warranty, and Santa Fe provides comprehensive generator services, including full system design, installation, testing, maintenance, and repairs. 

What Size of Industrial Generator Do I Need?

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It is critical to install the correct size of industrial generator to meet your power needs, and bigger is not always better. If a generator is too large for the load, it could result in carbon buildup in the engine, also called ‘wet stacking,’ which could cause power loss and a subsequent loss of the industrial generator’s capability. Santa Fe Power Solutions uses specific and precise methodologies to determine the best size of commercial generator for your application and power needs. We calculate the total amps of your current full load, whether operating a single-phase or three-phase current and determine the best size of generator for your backup power needs.

The process of selecting the right size of industrial or commercial generator for your application is much more involved than choosing a generator to backup power for a home. Commercial and industrial applications require a larger reserve and greater surge capability, particularly when a facility is operating large machines or several pieces of equipment. The full load capacity and square footage are important factors in determining the right size of industrial generator for your application. 

The National Electric Code offers additional information on the kilowatts required to operate emergency life safety systems for commercial properties. Installing the proper size of industrial backup generators is important for reliable backup power service, and the installation location is just as critical for occupant safety. 

Industrial Backup Generator Location and Safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, an industrial generator can produce as much as 100 times more poisonous carbon monoxide gas than from an automobile’s exhaust. Carbon monoxide alarms should always be installed and particularly in buildings where a generator may be used. It is important to select the best installation location, whether indoors or outdoors, that complies with all building and safety regulations. Many businesses choose to locate their generators outdoors, which requires a concrete pad foundation and a suitable enclosure that protects the unit against environmental and weather damage and provides suitable sound attenuation.

The size of the facility and the scale of operations may dictate an indoor generator installation which requires a dedicated generator room designed to handle the heat and fumes with proper ventilation and exhaust. Indoor generator rooms must observe state and federal regulations, including building fire codes regarding standby generator systems, and meet the facility’s insurance requirements. 

Always consult with an experienced critical power services provider such as Santa Fe Power Solutions for quality equipment and safe installation of all power equipment.

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides best-in-class generators and critical power equipment to a wide range of industries and applications nationwide. We offer comprehensive generator services, including design, installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as emergency services. Contact us to speak with a critical power specialist and make sure that your business operates uninterrupted with the right type of industrial backup generator.

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