Industrial Generator Service


Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. provides generator automatic transfer switch installation, required by the National Electric Code.


Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. provides power generator maintenance and services across the country.


Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. offers industrial generator repair services nationwide across the continental U.S., Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


Santa Fe Power Solutions offers industrial backup generators from the most respected names in the industry to power the most critical power applications.

Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. provides industrial generator service, including installation, maintenance, testing, and repair to standby power systems in many critical applications. We provide custom design and installation to existing or new facilities such as hospitals, healthcare facilities, laboratories, security, technology, and other applications where automated, uninterrupted power during a utility outage is critical.

Comprehensive Industrial Generator Services

Santa Fe Power specializes in providing the highest level of industrial generator service from a team of trained and certified technicians experienced with installing and maintaining all types and brands of industrial generators. Whether your process requires robust diesel generators for large commercial and industrial operations, clean natural gas generators, or hybrid generators, we recommend the best industrial generator equipment and components.

Our experienced technicians determine the size and quantity of generators required based on the electric amperage being used and the goal for standby power backup. Smaller companies may wish to back up only critical components, while other facilities need to back up the entire building. We determine the most critical modes and perform the necessary calculations to recommend the best type of generators and services for your facility.

We partner with only quality providers and the best names in generator products, and all new equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Santa Fe Power Solutions provides customized uninterrupted power supply and generator system design and installation, including automatic transfer switches (ATS), load banks for testing, and system cooling and exhaust options for many critical applications.

industrial generator service

Industrial Generator Services for Many Mission Critical Markets

Our comprehensive industrial generator services include consultation, system design, installation, maintenance, testing, and repairs. Our trained technicians provide generator service for various types of generators and equipment, including servicing automatic transfer switches and load bank testing. We provide turnkey solutions with quality power equipment and generator services to support various mission-critical facilities in many market segments across the country.

Critical Power Solutions for Government Facilities: CAGE Code 4YYB0

As a veteran-owned business and registered government supplier, we take pride in ensuring critical power supply to many government facilities such as VA hospitals, air force bases, naval air stations, county sheriff departments, emergency communication systems, and other critical applications. We welcome the opportunity to provide industrial generator services to federal, state, and municipal facilities and are registered with SAM, CAGE Code 4YYB0.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Santa Fe Power is a leading provider of industrial power solutions to many hospitals and nursing homes, ensuring entire facilities are fully automated in case of a power emergency. We install, test, and upgrade generators and transfer switches to ensure these facilities continue to provide uninterrupted services. Storms and extreme weather pose greater risks to those that rely on power to survive. These facilities need critical power solutions from an experienced industrial generator service provider.

Data Centers, Security, Laboratory, and Technology Sectors

Critical applications rely on uninterrupted data, including security and emergency communication systems. Installing the right Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and generator products is critical for continued community service. Santa Fe Power Solutions provides quality generator products and comprehensive industrial generator services to all types of data centers, communication systems, and security applications, such as is required in airports.

Laboratories require temperature control to maintain freezers for storing vials of viruses and vaccines. Servicing standby power generators is critical to these applications and other technological processes.

Private Sector Power and Generator Solutions

Maintaining power in the retail sector, such as shopping centers, is important for the safety of the community and to prevent injury. Santa Fe Power Solutions performs customized industrial generator services to ensure automated, uninterrupted power, which facilitates safety and/or orderly evacuation procedures.

Professional Industrial Generator Service Provider

We provide professional industrial generator services and proficient turnkey critical power solutions, always with the goal of creating loyal customers and long-term partnerships. Santa Fe Power employs a team of highly trained technicians that undergo rigorous internal and field training, as well as factory training and certifications, including arc flash training. We are value-driven and customer-focused, dedicated to determining the best solution for our customers’ needs.

Santa Fe Power Solutions is a leading provider of critical power solutions, including industrial generators, components, and turkey generator services. We provide comprehensive power supply solutions, including system design and installation, testing, maintenance, and repairs. Contact us to learn more about protecting your facility with automated, uninterrupted power and proficient industrial generator service.

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