Santa Fe Critical Power Solutions

Veteran Owned, Value Driven and Customer focused company with expertise in Sales, Installation and Service of emergency power equipment.


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Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. provides industrial generator service, including installation, maintenance, testing...


An uninterruptible power supply system, also called an uninterruptible power source or UPS, is an electronic device ...

DC Power Plant

Santa Fe Power Solutions provides inverter battery maintenance, services, and support for DC power plants...


Santa Fe Power Solutions, Inc. provides power generator maintenance and services to critical power applications ...


Partnering with Santa Fe Power Solutions for your electrical project. You'll eliminate the hassles of managing multiple suppliers and coordinating your project.


Santa Fe Power Solutions is proud to be a General Services Administration (GSA) provider...

Industries served


We specialize in ensuring that your facility avoids any power downtime while protecting your equipment and data.


We help companies to avoid business interruptions that couldput you at risk .


We provide critical power solutions designed specifically for healthcare facilities.

Expert Critical Power Service Provider

Santa Fe Power Solutions is a leading critical power service provider, offering nationwide service from a network of highly trained technicians with 24/7 emergency support. We specialize in providing critical power products and expert technical services and support to a wide range of mission-critical industries. We service Critical Power, Healthcare, Laboratory, Security Technology sectors, and others across the U.S. with superior service and best-in-market products. 

Santa Fe Power Solutions offers big capabilities with small business support, bringing value to our customers with the highest level of critical power solutions. We value our long-term relationships with our customers as we provide high-quality products, expert power system design, and exceptional services. Contact us with any questions and to speak with a specialist to learn more about our critical power services. 

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